geisha district, Miyagawa-cho

Miyagawa-cho, then located in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.

Hanamachi(‘flower town,’ or geisha district) is up to 6-chome from Miyagawasuji chome.


Here begins the era of kabuki dance of Izumo no Okuni.

Initially, here was a red-light district that prostitute or teenage boy had a entertain guests.

Until the Anti-Prostitution Law is enforced, here there are a lot of brothels, there are still building of Brothels era today.

Currently, Miyagawa-cho is Hanamachi only geisha.

Every year, “Miyako odori(Kyoto dance)” is staged in the spring.

Maiko number is boasts a large number of more than 20 people following the instep part Gion.





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