Fushimi Castel


Fushimi Castle is a Japanese castle around current Kyoto Fushimi-ku, Momoyama.

Fushimi is located in the southernmost hills continuing from Higashiyama.
And, in the south of Fushimi It was the land of a strategic point connecting Osaka and Kyoto and by water transportation spread Oguraike.

In the land of its strategic location, Toyotomi Hideyoshi reblogged fortification the Fushimi Castle.

Fushimi-jo has been fortification over three times.
Which was built in Shizukiyama in 592 years has been referred to as the Fushimi Castle Shizukiyama.
Those Reuse in Kohatayama moutain has been distinguished called the kohatayama Fushimi Castle after.
Furthermore Kohatayama Fushimi Castle has been divided into the Tokugawa period it was rebuilt by Tokugawa Ieyasu in burned the trace at the Battle of things and Fushimi Castle of Toyotomi period.
Fushimi Castle of Toyotomi period propagated luxurious style.

Here, Fushimimomoyama Castle Sports Park is located adjacent.


45, Momoyamacho Okura, Fushimi-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 612-0853, Japan


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