Kamogawa delta

Here is Kamogawa delta.


Kamogawa delta is the confluence of the Kamo River that flows from Takano River and west flowing from the east in the north.

There is a stepping stone from the delta to delta through Takano River from Kamo.
The stepping stone that you can cross from either side.
There is also a stepping stone in the form of a turtle and staggered Some of this stepping stone.



Kamo-confluence of Takano River “Kamogawa delta” is delta, which lies immediately got off the Keihan Electric Railway-Demachiyanagi Station.
It is also the if runout to backward from there Hiei of Japan’s three major hallowed ground line-of-sight to the right there is a symbolic Daimonjiyama of Kyoto scenic location.

If you look at the “Kamogawa delta” from the top of the bridge to the rear there is what appears to forest.
This is, in fact, the forest of Tadas of Shimogamo shrine.

Shimogamo shrine is famous as a power spot.


Kyoto, Sakyo-ku, Shimogamomiyakawa cho
Keihan Ōtō Line, Eizanhonsen “Demachiyanagi Station” get off



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