[temple] Sokokuji temple


Shōkoku-ji is Rinzai Shōkoku-ji sect head temple.
Ashikaga Yoshimitsu is aimed at establishment.
It was completed in 1392, and it was a founding the Yumemado Kokushi.

Shōkoku-ji Place the monk book Tsukasa governing manage the Zen temple in Yamauchi, it was a central presence of Zen government.

However, we would be up in flames in the misfire.
After five years, though Baotou seven-layer has been erected,
It was also decline, such as by destroyed by lightning.
Shōkoku-ji was repeated reconstruction.


Sermon hall is donated from Hideyori Toyotomi.
On the ceiling, dragon diagram Wadakama the Kano Mitsunobu drew is depicted.
The painting is known as ‘squeal dragon’.


The number of tourists visiting this temple is small compared to other famous temples, so  you will be able to go around slowly looking at the temple.




701, Sokokujimonzencho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 602-0898, Japan


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