[Temple] Theories of the silver about Kinkaku-ji temple


  The official name of Ginkaku-ji temple(Silver temple), known as a representative of the Higashiyama period, called the Jisho-ji temple.

  There is a mountain retreat that Ashikaga Yoshimasa opened in 1482.

  This temple is said that came to be called Ginkaku-ji temple(Silver temple) against Temple of the Kinkaku-ji temple(Golden temple).

Kihkaku-ji temple


Photo by Photo Chips

 Gold has been affixed to Kinkaku-ji temple, but it does not have Hara silver to Ginkaku-ji temple.



This has a variety of theories.

■Reason that because there was no money to put a silver foil
  At the time, it was immediately after finished Ōnin War.
Therefore, Kyoto economy without budget because it was fatigued, initially it is believed that black lacquer throughout instead of the silver foil was painted.

■Other theory is as follows

Part 1
It was going to put a silver as the name initially, I could not for the shogunate of financial circumstances.

Part 2
It was scheduled to put a silver foil, but Yoshimasa has had passed away before it.

Part 3
Although initially was covered with silver, silver has fallen off from the Ginkaku.




2 Ginkakuji-chō, Sakyō-ku, Kyōto



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