Kyoto Imperial Palace


Kyoto Imperial Palace is the imperial family-related facilities in Kyoto.
Since the 14th century, until 1869,
Emperors is living in there and it was a place where hold a ceremony and public service.


Here is the gate called Hamagurigomon gate.


In the neighborhood of this gate of a palace,

the intense battle of the Shogunate forces and the anti-Shogunate forces happened by the late Tokugawa period.


This is the bullet holes marked in the battle.



Some of the imperial palace is no entry, but the site has been published in all of the people.



Autumn leaves are beautiful now of time.






I was able to see the rainbow today.
Rainbow appears over Kyoto Imperial Palace was very beautiful.




Access to the Kyoto Imperial Palace
• Kyoto Imperial Palace
from subway Imadegawa Station: 5-minute walk
from Karasuma-Imadegawa bus stop: 5-minute walk




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