[Maiko] How to clarify the real and fake

The there are fake?


  Especially the tourist season,
Maiko you see in the Kiyomizu Temple and Gion and Arashiyama neighborhood of Kyoto,
The majority is actually not a real maiko.

  The maiko makeover, it is applying a mainly dressing as maiko and geisha to tourists who yearn to figure of maiko around Gion.
And, it is a service of the order to satisfy the transformation desire of tourists.


  As the service grows, tourists wearing the costume of Maiko is witnessed many such figure to make food and drink in the city.
And, other tourists who do not know the circumstances will be misunderstood “It’s a real Maiko”.

  However, it has come to be a problematic “misleading of Gion culture” in Kyoto city.


■How to clarify the real and fake



1) The broad daylight tourist destination, real is not walking

  Daytime, they are often to be a time of lesson. And, kimono is not an appearance of so-called “Maiko” that they are wearing.
Sometimes, it seems there is a case to go out in an interview and shooting, it is directed to the parlor after they basically dressing from the evening.


2) Deportment
 Maiko has with the left hand to fit the knob of both kimono

舞妓 褄




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