[Cafe & Dining bar] ICYOYA


  ICYOYA was founded as a souvenir shop in 1966.

Goods of ICYOYA is familiar traditional souvenir shop to everyone, for example, Yatsuhashi, Kyoto pickles, Kyoto sweets etc… 

  In addition to the souvenir shop, ICYOYA has newly started the cafe and dining bar from 2002.









 The popular menu is bowl of rice with Yuba on top, It’s Yuba bowl.


  Yuba bowls is the dishies boil up Yuba and natto in egg soup.

It’s ICHOYA original popular menu.

Combination of Yuba and natto is exquisite.


  Besides, there are many dishes that tourists rejoice in ICYOYA.

You can enjoy the creative Japanese in ICYOYA.

img_s3 (1)




100-1, Sakaicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto




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