[The YAGI & Shinsengumi] episode3~ The track of Shinsengumi in Yagi~


For the history of the Shinsengumi, Yagi is the presence indispensable.

When Shinsengumi was a patchwork of mere warriors, the Yagis was taking care of them.

During the 3 years from the formation, Shinsengumi had a Yagi Mansion hideout.






Formed at that time, Serizawa was the top of the organization.


Serizawa is not a bad man, but it was easy personality is misleading to people.

Therefore, Serizawa was assassinated in internal Shinsengumi.

The assassination site was within the mansion of Yagi House.



You can feel the situation of that time even now.


In Yagi house, in order to convey the living testimony of Shinsengumi,
they published the mansion to the general public.


You can hear the story of the Shinsengumi in the space that Shinsengumi had been living.


Serizawa assassination of room also remains.
Also you can see the remaining sword wound at the time of the assassination.



By all means, please try to feel the history beyond the time.



24 Mibunaginomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto





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