[The YAGI & Shinsengumi] episode2~ Shinsengumi way~


Shinsengumi is the last swordsman collective Japan was active in the late Edo period.

They were formed in Mibu of Kyoto.

As they intended to crack down on opposition against the shogunate in Kyoto, gave the police activities in Kyoto.


The in their active famous is the Ikedaya incident.

Please for more information refer to this page.



There is no achievement, such as underlying build the era of Japan in Shinsengumi.

On the contrary, in that they capture the dignitaries of the opposition, Japan has been delayed to be entered the era of Meiji.



Yet, There are many Shinsengumi fan in Japan.

It is, Japanese fans because he sympathized with the way of life of the Shinsengumi.


Japan of the Edo era was a strict hierarchical society.

Many of the Shinsengumi was the identification of low farmers.

Many of them had been longing to samurai.


That’s why they tried to live true to the samurai than the real samurai.


They killed also fellow in order to penetrate its way of life.


They had a commitment to live true to the samurai way, intensely.



Japanese fans is attracted to such their way of life.





24 Mibunaginomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto





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