[The YAGI & Shinsengumi] episode1~ the history of YAGI ~


The Yagi is born of the original Tajima Province (Hyogo Prefecture adoptive father County Asakura of the show).

In Kamakura era initial,

The Yagi went to a hunt with Yoritomo Minamoto on foot Fuji mountain.

At that time Yagi shoot the white boar that shook the entire Kanto.

Been recognized for the achievements, the Yagi recieved current crest the (three quince) from Yoritomo.


 During Tensho year (Muromachi period), The Yagis was settled in Kyoto-Rakusai Mibu village.

 Along with about ten family squire (Mibu resident workers) in the Edo era, and was involved in the village of management and Mibu Kyogen, and had also  served as sumo referee role of generations village.



It becomes Bakumatsu, The Yagis was entrusted the warriors from Edo.

The warriors population became “Shinsengumi” in after.

They are the last swordsman populations in Japan.



Mibu was blessed also very water quality.

There was also the producer of such Mibu vegetables and rapeseed and indigo.

Light blue dyed in the indigo is also the color of Mibu.
 It has been used since ancient times also to the color of the towel to be used in Mibu Kyogen.


Shinsengumi was wearing light blue coat of a pattern of multi‐colored stripes.

This coat of color also is using the color of Mibu.



In such a Mibu,

The Yagis has bloodline inheritance until 15 generation.




24 Mibunaginomiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto





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