How to meeting in Kyoto

Kyoto road is easy.
If you know how to remember, it does not get lost..

Street in the center of Kyoto City, it features a street called “checkerboard” perpendicular to the north-south and east-west.

like a the image below,

Kyotomap (Alley).001

Kyoto alley will have most of the streets have a unique name is not limited to the main street.


Please have two select the north – south of the alley and the east – west of the alley.
When you specify the point at which the two that intersect as meeting place, you can easily meet your party of traveling.

For example,

When I meet my friends in Kyoto to go shopping, I tell my friend, like this,

“Please come Takakura – Nishiki at 10:00 AM.”


Takakura st.

Kyotomap (Alley2).003


and, Nishiki st.

Kyotomap (Alley2).002


The meeting place is the point that 2 alley cross.

Kyotomap (Alley).004



It is easy !

Even getting lost in the city of Kyoto, please do not hurry never.
Look at the map, you can always join Once you have decided where the two streets intersect.



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