[Handmade crafts] Katsuragi

 In Japan,there are many long-established shop  lasts more than 100 years.


Today, we introduce one of them, “Katsuragi”.


Katsuragi was established in 1869.
Its founding, Katsuragi was a cooper high reputation in Kyoto.

If times have changed, we need to go also changed business model.

As time goes on, the life style change.

To match the life style, Katsuragi came to handle the everyday tool or miscellaneous goods as well as a pail widely.


Among these changes, Katsuragi  have cherishes the “warmth of handmade things that snuggle up to daily life” that is inherited from generation to generation.

The shops of Katsuragi has “the heart of the sum”that dose not change even in any times.

For visit to Kyoto, it is worth visiting shops to continue to be loved long years of more than 100 years.



In particular, these product is popular with tourists.

For example,

Product in conjunction with the season.




a dish that you feel the nature of the material.

It’s made from a leaf.





WARAJI ( Japanese Sandals)








In the other, there is a lot of attractive products.



I have good NEWS for you.

Katsuragi open the shop until PM 9:30!

You can enjoy shopping in the shop after diner.


Shop Information


AM 10:30 ~ PM 9:30 (New year is the only holiday.)


〒604-8032  Kawaramachi-Rokkaku-sagaru,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto,JAPAN





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