[Tradition and culture] Kogatana-chubei, Kyoto dolls shop

 Today, we introduce historical shop in Kyoto, the shop is Kogatana-ya Chubei.

 Kogatana-ya Chubei is Kyoto dolls shop.


 The shop was founded in 656 years.

 At the time, the shop was engaged in the Hatago.

 The record, also tells you to Kyoto guidebook “city attractions vehicles” which was issued issued in 1714.

 They have changed to the dry goods store since the Meiji era.
And they have to transition to the Kyoto dolls shop.

 By the way, historically famous Ikedaya uproar Welfare also is located in the left diagonal direction from this store.


 In this shop, there are a number Kyoto dolls that tradition and formality.

 In particular, traditional dolls (like the empress doll) and wooden miniature spear of Gion Festival is popular with tourists.





 Atmosphere of the store.




 Shop Information


 [Store name]  

   Kogatana-ya Chubei



   Kyoto, Nakagyo-ku Sanjodori Kawaramachi HigashiIri Nakajima-cho, 87


 [E-mail]  kogatanaya@shinise.ne.jp

 [Holiday]   Monday and Tuesday Closed

 [Opening hours]   11:00 to 21:00



  Keihan “Sanjo” 3-minute walk to the west from the station

   2-minute walk from City Bus Kyoto bus Kawaramachi Sanjo Sanjo bus stop to Torihigashi





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