[University] Doshisha University

Today, we introduce the University with history in Kyoto.


Here is Doshisha University.

This University started with the aspiration of a young man.



excerpted from Website of Doshisha University.


In the turmoil of the last days of the Edo period, there was a young man who was deeply concerned that Japan had no future unless it embraced various ideas and ways of thinking from Europe and America. Passionately driven by a desire to learn, a curiosity about the wider world and a longing for freedom, he left Japan for the US by himself, breaking the seclusion policy that prohibited citizens from traveling overseas. On the US-bound ship, the man was given the name ‘Joe’. Eventually he went on to become the first Japanese person to graduate from a US university. The man was Joseph Hardy Neesima and it was Neesima who later founded Doshisha University.


[Doshisha University]


The atmosphere of this campus is calm, free and vibrant.




There are a lot of people who will play a leading role in the future of Japan.




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