[Traces of historical events] IKEDAYA [Restaurant]

Ikedaya is traces of historical events.


In end of Edo period, there are Two forces.

One of them is Edo Shogunate side (Government of Edo period).

Another side is Ishin-shishi (It is like a revolutionary army).  They were called Shishi.


Some samurai of Shishi did the huddle for beat Edo Shogunate.

The plan was that they put the fire to the Imperial Palace and kidnap the emperor.



And, when they about to execute a plan now,

Samurai group which were called Shinsengumi was rush into Ikedaya.



Thanks to Shinsengumi’s success, Kyoto could escape to be burn.


Now, Ikedaya reborn as restaurant.




Ikedata hana no mai (restaurant)

Open 11:00 am ~ 1:00 am



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